The Ambrosini Family has been selecting the best meat since 1940. Out of a passion for healthy eating and attention to the smallest details, Rosina and her husband Pietro opened a small butcher shop in Bagnatica, a small village near Bergamo, in northern Italy. They wanted to serve their customers with the same quality meat that they expected for their own family. So, by word of mouth, by client upon client, the news of how skilled the Ambrosinis were in selecting only the best cuts of meat spread through the entire region. With the post-war reconstruction period and the subsequent economic boom the "Macelleria Ambrosini" – managed now by Lucia, Rosina and Pietro's daughter, together with her husband Carlo – became the destination of all those who were looking for the best available meat.
The same passion animates today their heirs. The grandchildren of Rosina and Pietro have been able to grow a small butcher shop into an industrial business of the highest level without forgetting the principles and the passion of their grandparents. With the Famiglia Ambrosini brand, they sign their name on the best meat, selected with almost obsessive care. Today like yesterday, the Ambrosini family believes that everybody is entitled to the certainty that the meat on their table is good, healthy, from properly cared animals, certified, selected and prepared in the best Italian tradition.